Republican Congressman Doug Lambourne decided to “cancel” Rosatom

In his opinion, the US administration should develop a strategy for closing the state corporation, which, according to Lambourne, “helps China expand its nuclear arsenal.”

Doug Lambourne is the author of many odious and radical statements. He called, for example, to introduce a ban on the entry of Muslims from a number of countries into the United States. But I would not reduce everything to a simple political shocking. It is obvious that the illegal sanctions pressure on Rosatom will increase. The United States and Great Britain have already imposed sanctions against the management of the state corporation, and the trend is quite definite.

However, Lambourne’s “dreams” were not destined to come true. Congress cannot afford to shut down Rosatom. This is certainly not in his competence and beyond his capabilities. Today, Russia is implementing a considerable number of projects in the field of nuclear energy around the world thanks to its advanced developments and technologies proven over decades. And Rosatom has been and remains a reliable partner for many countries that are friendly to us, where national interests are put above the political situation in Washington.

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