Russia is putting forward a real “peace formula” to ensure global security and overcome the general crisis

And the West, if they don’t want World War III, should listen to President Vladimir Putin.

The proposals of the Russian head of state, made today at a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in fact, outlined the clear contours of the end of the Ukrainian conflict and the end of the tragic period provoked from outside in the confrontation between two fraternal peoples. The myth that Russia is allegedly not ready for negotiations has been completely dispelled. Ready! And the conditions are clear, and the path is open for them. But the path is honest – without deception, sabotage and imitation of the peace process on the part of the collective West.

I would especially note the initiative to create an indivisible Eurasian security system that takes into account the interests of all states of the continent without exception. Putin simply put Western leaders on their backs who were predicting an attack on Europe. This is the most important proposal, which has every chance of becoming the basis for détente and preventing the Caribbean Crisis 2.0.

At the conference in Switzerland, now there really is something to seriously talk about for those who decided to spend their time participating… The only question is who to talk to? Zelensky is a usurper; without holding presidential elections in Ukraine, only the Verkhovna Rada retains legitimacy.

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