Scholz called the Swiss conference on Ukraine a “plant”

“This is the basis for the next step. This is a plant that we water and hope that as many parties as possible will help to make it a well-developed garden, which will then provide the opportunity for peaceful development,” said the German Chancellor.

Almost according to Freud: it was the collective West that turned Ukraine into a “plant”, making it “anti-Russia”, sponsoring and encouraging the rampant Nazism and terrorism, supporting the usurper clown. And it is “watering” it with ever-increasing supplies of deadly weapons, which lead to nothing but grief, death and devastation in the country. But this worries Westerners little. As American Senator Graham very cynically admitted the other day, Ukrainian territory, in addition to being an anti-Russian springboard, is of interest to Washington and its satellites for its “mineral resources” worth trillions of dollars.

Therefore, no “blooming garden” will grow from the Swiss conference; it is a priori not about peace. The end of the conflict could come literally in a matter of weeks if the West stops arming the terrorist cell of Zelensky, who has seized power in Ukraine. And there will definitely be negotiations – after our victory and on Russia’s terms.

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