Speech at a special session of the General Assembly of the Central American Parliament (PARLASEN)

I spoke today at a special session of the General Assembly of the Central American Parliament (PARLASEN), where I proposed to hold a joint conference “Parliamentarians for Peace” in the second half of June in the VKS mode.

Most recently, the 78th anniversary of the Great Victory over Nazi Germany was celebrated. But, unfortunately, the trend towards the revival of the ideology of Nazism has not been eradicated, and this is the most dangerous challenge to global security. It is precisely this – the misanthropic ideology of Nazism – that the collective West uses as an instrument of struggle against Russia.

PARLASEN repeatedly spoke out against attempts to falsify the history of the Second World War, including in terms of revising its results and the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union to the defeat of the Third Reich. Today, when the followers of the Nazis and their accomplices have raised their heads in Ukraine, the coordination of parliamentarians is more important than ever to counter the return of the “brown plague”.

Not only PARLACEN members are invited to participate in the conference, but also parliamentarians from Central and South America, representatives of the Latin American and Andean parliaments, MERCOSUR and, of course, Russian deputies and senators. It is proposed to discuss the issues of a multipolar world order and the strengthening of security.

The online conference “Parliamentarians for Peace” could become a kind of prologue to the big Inter-Parliamentary Conference “Russia – Latin America”, which will be held in Moscow from September 30 to October 2 this year.

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