Support and arming of the Kyiv junta leads to the dock

News that deserves special attention from the leadership of the EU and NATO: the current government of Slovakia has accused its predecessors of treason and abuse of office. The reason is sending military aid to Ukraine to the detriment of national security interests.

And this process is not isolated in the countries of the Old World. The leadership of the National Rally, which triumphantly declared itself in the recent elections to the EP in France, questioned President Macron’s decision to transfer Mirage 2000-5 aircraft to Kyiv, as well as the idea of ​​​​sending French instructors to Ukraine. Party chairman Jordan Bardella, a candidate for the post of prime minister, spoke out against “any risk of escalation,” including that associated with allowing a number of Western countries to launch missile strikes on Russian territory. In the same logic, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban makes statements when he announced Budapest’s refusal to participate in NATO’s “military mission” in Ukraine.

Sound political and social forces in Europe see the risks posed by the course of Washington and Brussels towards a further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict. Against this background, the readiness of Finland, Sweden and Norway to create a corridor for the rapid transfer of NATO troops to the border with the Russian Federation, as announced by Norwegian Prime Minister Støre, is a dangerous initiative aimed at further aggravation. And not least for these countries themselves.

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