The British Economist reported that Kyiv planned to conduct an operation to seize the Crimea in 2023

The publication refers to the words of the Deputy Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on National Security and Defense, Mikhail Zabrodsky, who is very close to military circles and himself previously commanded Ukrainian landing troops.

No one has revealed the secret. But the publication is remarkable in that the fact of intentions to invade Russian territory is practically officially confirmed. That is, the presence of real (!) Plans for an attack on Russia.

“If a clash is unavoidable, strike first”… In fact, not the last representative of the current government admitted that Ukraine was preparing to exterminate the population of Donbass and march on Crimea. Russia had no choice but to prevent aggression, to protect its citizens, our land.

All “manoeuvres” to seize the Crimea are doomed to a complete military failure. The peninsula is securely fortified. Any such attempts will receive an immediate and devastating response.

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