The EU is beginning to realize the inevitability of Russia’s Victory in Ukraine and the defeat of not only the Zelensky junta, but also the collective West behind it

This is literally evident from the words of Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, who said in an interview with Der Standard about the need to think through the steps of the European Union in the event of the capitulation of the Kyiv regime.

In his reasoning, Cholaku was not distinguished for originality: he proposed introducing a total ban on trade with Russia, primarily in the field of energy resources. The Romanian Prime Minister is not at all embarrassed that the Europeans themselves will suffer from the “Iron Trade Curtain”. Like a non-commissioned officer’s widow, the EU is ready to flog itself. At least some of its representatives.

Well, they want to continue to tighten the economic stranglehold on themselves – that’s their choice! I have said more than once that the world is much wider than the boundaries of the “golden billion”. Trade and economic partnership between Russia and the countries of the global South is developing at a rapid pace. And the collective West, judging by the behavior of its short-sighted leaders, may be left alone with its “trough” broken from exorbitant ambitions.

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