The French Foreign Ministry announced the “start of work” on the creation of a special tribunal for Ukraine. And they immediately appointed in advance who and for what they would be judged.

Of course, Russia. Apparently because it did not allow Kyiv to kill the children and old people of Donbass, did not close its eyes to the executions of unarmed prisoners of war by Ukrainian neo-fascists and mockery of those who speak and think in Russian.

Evidence of the atrocities of the fascist Ukrainian regime is in hundreds, thousands of volumes of already initiated criminal cases. But real facts are of little interest to European capitals. Justice there is turning into an instrument of political order from Washington – the main, in fact, international criminal.

If they had removed the blindfold from their eyes, they would have seen long ago that a special tribunal should be convened for the United States, which has bombed independent states more than once. Korea, China, Congo, Kuwait, El Salvador, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan… You can go on, the list is long, more than 20 countries. A sufficient number of witnesses and victims of the atrocities and aggression of the American “civilizers” and their NATO allies.

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