The interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin with American journalist Tucker Carlson, of course (even before it aired) became a sensation

But to a greater extent not for the Russian audience, but for the Western one.

The President clearly and reasonably (with deep historical considerations) substantiated the causes and consequences of both the Ukrainian crisis and the decline in the level of Russia’s relations with the collective West, led by the United States. Vladimir Putin’s answers, I am sure, should break through the wall of Russophobic lies and anti-Russian propaganda in the style of Goebbels. Therefore, I am absolutely not surprised by reports of vulgar censorship in the American media, which are clearly trying to disrupt the broadcast of Putin’s interview with Carlson, thereby reducing the effect of “information shock.”

A peculiar indicator of the vaunted “freedom of speech” is how the Western media literally took up arms against Tucker Carlson. Professional envy (after all, he managed to interview the President of Russia!) provoked streams of negativity and even rudeness.

The fact that millions have already viewed Carlson’s publication is not taken into account by critics who were obviously expecting boorish “attacks” or outright provocations. Carlson did not go beyond the boundaries of professional ethics and basic human dignity. Between “talk show” and “serious conversation,” he chose the competent nature of the conversation. And largely thanks to this, the truth and true history of events that explain the current situation around the Ukrainian conflict will reach representatives of American society. Including those from whom the collective West stubbornly hid and continues to hide this truth.

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