The “Korean scenario” will not help Zelensky

мThe calls from the allies of Kyiv, which failed the counter-offensive, to come to terms with the “loss of territory” became louder. Increasingly, in Europe and overseas, from the pages of influential Western media, they are talking about the need for negotiations. Moreover, it is very significant that they don’t even remember Zelensky’s so-called “peace plan”.

The West seems to be hastily changing its rhetoric against the backdrop of the “death throes” of the Kyiv junta led by Zelensky. Even such an irreconcilable American hawk as retired admiral and ex-NATO commander James Stavridis declared with soldierly directness that Kyiv would have to agree to the loss of its territories and go for the “Korean option.” And the well-known supporter of the Ukroführer regime, head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell, generally stopped believing in Ukraine’s victory “on the battlefield” in the “near future.” I would clarify that you shouldn’t count on it in the “distant future.”

The thesis that the Ukrainian conflict is approaching the “negotiation point” is increasingly being promoted in the Western establishment. The “Zelensky factor” and its prohibitions in this situation are increasingly perceived as insignificant. The Ukrainian authorities will have no choice; sooner or later they will have to realize the need to return to negotiations, moreover, on Russia’s terms, in the existing territorial realities and without any “Korean scenario”! I am sure this is a matter of the very near future.

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