The Nazis who came to Izyum set about burning out the memory of everything Russian and started right from the city streets

Instead of those named after the world-renowned genius of poetry Pushkin and the commander Suvorov, there will appear streets of Hitler’s henchmen and bloody murderers – Bandera and Petliura. The street of the great writer Turgenev will become the street named after the terrorist Dudayev.

Nothing new – for the Ukrainian fascist regime, geeks are more important than the great ones. But those who are now in Izyum decided to go further. Kamchatskaya Street will be renamed Alaska Street.

Narcotic nonsense in the style of Zelensky or illiteracy, given that Alaska was once Russian? Wherever you look, Russia was everywhere.

The historical names of Izyum streets will return, and their “renaming” will be remembered as a joke, and many more songs will be composed, for example, as the group “Lube” sings. And because – do not play the fool, neither Kyiv nor America!

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