The Romanian Foreign Ministry refused to issue visas to members of the Russian delegation to participate in the OSCE PA session in Bucharest

The Romanian authorities deliberately violated their obligations to organize international events. And this is not the first such manifestation on the part of Western member states of the OSCE PA. In 2022, visas were denied to Russian delegates at the Assembly session by Great Britain and Poland. All this suggests that the blatant infringement of the rights of Russian deputies and senators is once again occurring with the connivance of the governing bodies of the OSCE PA itself.

The OSCE PA has turned from a platform for dialogue into a gathering of Russophobic politicians and a tool for the targeted implementation of an anti-Russian course. Hysteria is being whipped up in the spirit of double standards, which indicates the complete degradation of the mechanism of parliamentary interaction in the OSCE space. The Assembly systematically ignores problems related to the violation of the rights of national minorities, freedom of communication and education in their native language. Does not pay attention to the blasphemous glorification of the Nazis and their collaborators. It does not notice the oppression and murder of journalists who advocate a position different from that formed in Washington and Brussels. He is still silent regarding the responsibility of the usurper Zelensky for the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ shelling of civilian infrastructure and terrorist attacks against the civilian population of Russian regions.

In the State Duma and the Federation Council in February, the question of suspending Russia’s participation in the OSCE PA and payment of contributions to its budget for 2024 was raised with the development of corresponding draft resolutions. Then it was decided to postpone their discussion. I believe that the situation around the session in Romania will prompt the resumption of the discussion about the advisability of the continued presence of the permanent delegation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in this organization. If consistent visa discrimination continues, if we are not heard and do not want to be heard, there is no point in remaining in such an Assembly.

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