The Russia-Africa Inter-Parliamentary Forum can and should become an annual event

Relations between Russia and the countries of the African continent are at a new stage. We are united by common goals: building a multipolar world with the leading role of the UN, based on the principles of mutual respect, sovereignty and independence, without dictate from outside and the return of colonial policy. Today’s world is much wider than the boundaries of the collective West. The so-called “golden billion” is only 12.5 percent of the total population of the planet. We are the majority.

Russia and Africa are equal partners. Unlike the West, for our country the African continent has never really been a subject of “mercantile interest”, a source of labor or raw materials. On the contrary, as President Vladimir Putin said at the conference, Russia is conscientiously sending food, fertilizer and fuel to Africa, thus contributing to food and energy security. And it is even ready for gratuitous deliveries to countries in particular need, in the event that the “grain deal” is not extended. Trade turnover is increasing, student exchanges are expanding. We are determined to build a strategic partnership with African friends “in the full sense of the word.”

And the role of parliamentarians in strengthening Russian-African cooperation should also be expanded and strengthened. The annual holding of the Inter-Parliamentary Forum will certainly contribute to this.

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