The situation in the Orenburg region is outrageous

It is important to take action against those who were negligent in the construction and maintenance of hydraulic structures, and also to prevent the recurrence of similar disasters in other regions.

Now the main thing is to quickly help people survive the impact of the disaster. We are in constant contact with the regional office, our deputies, who have already taken the necessary things to Orsk and nearby villages, coordinate the work of volunteers, and provide assistance to the victims.

It is necessary to note the heroism of local residents saving neighbors and animals. People rallied shoulder to shoulder to withstand the flood.

But many are afraid to leave their homes, fearing looters, who have already been spotted in Orsk more than once. These non-humans are trying to profit from someone else’s misfortune. The faction will promptly prepare a bill obliging regional authorities and the Government to take measures to counter looting in the event of an emergency.

We need to help people restore lost housing and property. The consequences of such large-scale natural disasters are a disaster at the federal level. And the decision must be federal. There is no need to irritate people with ridiculous payments for the loss of what they have acquired over the years. All owners of affected households should receive 500 thousand rubles, and if the house was washed away, then 1 million. The source of funding is clear. Recently, the President supported the LDPR proposal and freed the regions from debts on budget loans. In the Orenburg region it is about three billion rubles.

The Investigative Committee must find the names of everyone who allowed themselves to be negligent in monitoring the construction and maintenance of hydraulic structures. In turn, at the State Duma we will definitely ask those who are responsible for these areas at the federal level and in the regions. We have no right to allow a repetition of such disasters that occurred due to the connivance of those in charge.

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