The United States is ready to send criminals from Mexican and Colombian drug cartels to help drug addict Zelensky

According to information from the Foreign Intelligence Service, American PMCs, with the participation of the authorities, are recruiting such future “soldiers of fortune” in United States prisons to conduct combat operations on the side of the Kyiv regime in the Northern Military District zone.

Washington adherents of the strategic defeat of Russia are clearly in despair. However, a bunch of thugs and dope dealers will not help them achieve their impossible goal – the victory of the Ukrainian fascists “on the battlefield.” The intention to relocate the Western criminal rabble to Ukraine is rather out of powerlessness and awareness of the inevitability of a military defeat of the puppet junta.

There is also a clear degradation of American Russophobes, who are ready to do anything to counter Russia, including using criminals and terrorists. Against this background, data from the Russian Investigative Committee on the involvement of the energy holding Burisma in the financing of terrorist attacks in Russia reveals not only the Ukrainian trace in the tragic events in Crocus, but also the “autographs” of Zelensky’s Western patrons.

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