The visit of the Russian President to the DPRK and the development of Russian-North Korean relations greatly “excited” the West

Mainstream media immediately launched a campaign to form an “axis of evil”, replicating the next anti-Russian “horror stories”. The “alarm” was sounded in the White House, and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced “a threat that is not regional, but global.”

In the West, developing military alliances in the name of their own hegemony and to confront Moscow, they apparently completely forgot about such concepts as diplomacy, diplomatic relations and interstate interaction. Negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un are perceived there as nothing more than a “conspiracy against the Atlanticists.” Meanwhile, the Russian President made it clear that the purpose of the visit is to strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership with Pyongyang. We are talking, among other things, about ensuring the security and stable development of Russia and the DPRK, about mutually beneficial cooperation on an equal and mutually respectful basis.

The Russian leader continues his line of creating a multipolar and fair world order, breaking hegemonic stereotypes and the neocolonial policy of the United States with its dictates, the “bludgeon of sanctions” and the “right of force.” And more and more representatives of the global majority are consolidating around this process and our country.

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