The West does not stop trying to influence the electoral processes in Turkey through its “pocket” monitoring missions

The OSCE PA published today a statement from international observers in which accused incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and representatives of the ruling party of “undue advantage” in the conduct of the vote.

The joint mission of the OSCE PA, ODIHR and PACE was simply unable to ignore the obvious – a good level of organization of the general elections in Turkey, a high turnout and a real political alternative. However, the famous “double standards” did not allow her to do without a “fly in the ointment”. They continue to be fully applied by European institutions in relation to sovereign states that do not accept the dictates of the Washington regional committee in world affairs.

Significantly, the statement does not specify whether the “advantage” imputed to Erdogan affected the voting results. And there was no such task, since the goal is to throw a black mark towards Ankara and the incumbent President, who pursues an independent policy and puts national interests above the ambitions of the collective West.

We continue to observe with interest the presidential elections in Turkey, the second round of which is scheduled for May 28. Turkish society has demonstrated high political activity, and the authorities, no doubt, were able to ensure a competitive and democratic voting process.

We also look forward to constructive cooperation with the new composition of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (parliament), where the Republican Alliance, headed by the ruling Justice and Development Party, receives the majority of seats following the results of elections over the weekend.

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