The West is persistently turning the IAEA into a platform for serving its interests

The agency’s Board of Governors adopted a resolution on Thursday urging Russia to abandon the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. The “claims” of the Russian Federation on the nuclear power plant are called unfounded.

Obviously, the resolution was created according to the patterns of the collective West. There is not a single call for Kyiv to stop shelling the ZNPP, just as there is no condemnation of nuclear blackmail by the Zelensky regime. On the contrary, Ukraine is given a full indulgence and it is reported that “dirty bomb” on its territory, it turns out , “no”.

Either amazing carelessness, or blatant incompetence. The IAEA simply closes its eyes to the attempts of the Ukrofascists to undermine nuclear security in the region.

If the IAEA hopes that the Russian military will obediently leave the Zaporizhzhya NPP due to a formidable shout, they are greatly mistaken. The resolution is not enforceable. Zaporozhye NPP is now located in Russia and has become part of the energy system of our country. And there is nothing to talk about.

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