The West is pushing Yerevan along the Ukrainian path. And this is becoming more and more obvious as the Armenia-US-EU format develops.

Against the backdrop of Kyiv’s failures in the proxy war of the collective West, Washington and Brussels are looking for new anti-Russian “testing grounds”. And apparently, the views of Westerners increasingly began to fall first on Moldova, and then on Armenia.

Do the current authorities in Yerevan realize that the promised “support and assistance” of the Euro-Atlantic “hawks” is nothing more than attempts to resuscitate the “plan” to weaken Russia. Now – at the expense of the national interests of the people of Armenia and with the prospect of destabilization in the South Caucasus.

As a result, this kind of “help” results in loss of sovereignty, civil wars and civilian casualties, economic crises and humanitarian disasters. The question is whether the citizens of these two countries want all this with a repetition of the “Ukrainian option”.

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