This is friendism or criminal dualism

Germany intends to send another large batch of military equipment to Ukraine, Der Spiegel magazine reported. And almost at the same time, the head of the German Foreign Ministry =”noopener”>Annalena Burbock declares that “to support this war with arms would be to participate in it.”

Of course, Burbock warns against the supply of weapons and military goods by third countries for the purposes of the Russian NWO. And once again demonstrating by this commitment to double standards and again, in fact, confirming the involvement of Berlin in the Ukrainian armed conflict.

The head of the German Foreign Ministry is not at all embarrassed at the same time that the European arsenals are already practically devastated by military assistance to Ukraine. If only the Kiev regime did not blow away like a soap bubble, and continued to fight until the “last Ukrainian” in the war of the West against Russia. A log in one’s own eye is not even considered a mote.

And as for new arms supplies to the Zelensky junta, this only prolongs the conflict. And, in any case, they are all legitimate targets for Russian forces.

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