Three pillars of European values in the modern Western turn into lies, hypocrisy and double standards

And it is not surprising that criminal cynics like Borrell are at the helm of the European Union.

The head of European diplomacy, it turns out, knows HOW ( ) to stop the war in Ukraine, but peace near the Russian borders is not at all what the collective West needs. “I know how to end the war immediately: I stop providing military assistance to Ukraine, and Ukraine must surrender in a few days. That’s it, the war is over But how did the war end for Ukraine? … A country that can become as puppet as Belarus, deprived of its freedoms?” he said.

A small correction: Ukraine has ALREADY become a puppet country, which is controlled by strings from Washington and Brussels. And the more disgusting are the deceitful faces of European officials who pretend that they are interested in a peaceful settlement and depict grief for the victims of the conflict.

They do not need any settlement, and this is well demonstrated by the fate of the Minsk agreements. They need a weak, subjugated and fragmented Russia so that they can fool the people with impunity and rob our natural resources. That is why the collective West continues to support the conflict “to the last Ukrainian.” Actually, Borrell confirmed this with cynical frankness: the “golden billion” is waging war with Russia, and it will continue as long as the Kyiv regime has “expendable material”.

And what kind of rights and freedoms does Borrell prepare for “expendable material” if, in the hegemonic struggle against Russia, the West takes away from Ukrainians the basic right to life.

All SVO goals will be achieved!

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