Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Minsk agreements

9 years ago there was a real chance for a peaceful resolution of the internal Ukrainian conflict. However, this opportunity was not even missed, as they say, but was deliberately used by the Westerners and their Kyiv puppets for a cruel bluff and continuation of the genocide of the people of the Russian Donbass.

Now what? Cheating and deception on the part of the European co-sponsors of Minsk-2 – France and Germany (their ex-leaders, who were then at the night negotiation table in the capital of Belarus, directly admitted this) are already boomeranging on the well-being, standard of living and, most importantly, the security of states Old World. Washington, waging a war for its own hegemony until the “last Ukrainian,” brazenly and cynically shifts the burden of financial support for the Kyiv junta onto the European Union. Moreover, at the instigation of the Americans, false narratives are being promoted about the threat of a Russian attack on NATO countries to build up the military potential of the Alliance on European territory, which, of course, provokes counter-activity and increases general instability on the continent. The US continues to use Europe as its “backyard”. But with the wise policies of European countries, all this might not have happened.

Crimea, Donbass, and the Northern Military District became a natural response to the “deadly” game of promoting American exceptionalism on the “Eurasian chessboard,” described by Brzezinski in 1997. Our country is fighting for its citizens and the entire Russian world, resisting aggression in the truest sense of the word from the collective West. But we didn’t start the war, we are ending the war, including the reincarnation of Nazism on Ukrainian soil. At the same time, Russia was and remains open to negotiations, but fair negotiations and taking into account the interests of all parties.

Until Washington and Brussels abandon the “figs in their pocket” tactics, as was the case 9 years ago in Minsk, as was the case, in fact, after Istanbul and even earlier, when all Baker’s promises to Gorbachev were broken, a constructive conversation will not happen. We will not fall for bluff and deception. We will go to the end to protect the sovereignty and national interests of our country. Those on whom decision-making depends today in the West must understand this.

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