Traitors, no matter what the outcome, are hanged on the gates

Those conducting subversive activities to please the enemy in order to put more money in their pockets should think about historical practice. By exporting planes and helicopters abroad, they deal a vile blow not only to the efficiency of our army, but also to the safety of every Russian citizen.

All those involved in fraud within the Federal Air Transport Agency must be identified down to the smallest perpetrator and punished to the fullest extent of the law, as traitors to the Motherland. With complete confiscation of property. This will be the most painful blow to them, because all actions were carried out only for the sake of profit. We are not talking about negligence or “exceeding authority,” but about high treason in the context of hostilities.

When the country is in danger, when the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance are constantly shouting about the start of a full-scale war in Europe, such defectors, creating opportunities for the rapid transfer of weapons, must feel responsible for everyone who suffered at the hands of the Uronazis and the terrorist acts they carried out.

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