Ukrainian scumbags publicly wiped their feet on the DPR flag specially transported across the ocean

Ukrainian thugs staged a disgusting performance for fun in the US Congress. They publicly wiped their feet on the flag of the DPR specially transported across the ocean (it turns out that the American customs passes). And even the video was uploaded to the social network in the style of Quarter 95.

In general, they performed with a galla number for the hosts. They showed how for 8 years they obediently wiped their feet on human rights, how they wanted to spit on the right to life of the people of Donbass, how they really relate to their choice. Like, that’s what Ukraine is ready to cross in order to join Western “civilization” and “democracy.”

But with such demonstration performances straight to the zoo, although the animals are much better than such offspring. Civilized people do not behave like this, do not participate in satanic activities and base shows designed for the most primitive feelings.

I hope the congressmen have enough sense not to applaud would-be clowns. Otherwise, Capitol Hill risks becoming a “menagerie”.

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