Victory Day cannot be taken away, not erased from the memory of the feat of the Soviet soldier who defeated fascism ….

No “decrees” of Western serfs who have fallen into historical amnesia can deprive people of the Holiday, which has become a symbol of the stamina, courage and patriotism of the generation of Winners, who raised and brought up a worthy successor by their own example – heroes who today, with weapons in their hands, are fighting neo-Nazism .

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry can resent as much as it likes the participation of the leaders of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in the festive events in Moscow. This is further evidence that it will not be possible to isolate Russia and question the status of the heirs of the Winners. And about “immoral and unfriendly steps towards Ukraine” after Judas Zelensky’s decree on the abolition of Victory Day in Kyiv, it’s better not to stutter at all. It is “immoral and criminal” to use a holy day for millions of people to label political heavyweights who are no match for Zelensky.

Victory was forged by all the peoples of the former USSR, all of them are winners who defeated the Nazi invaders. This is a historical axiom that the neo-Nazi junta cannot rewrite.

Thanks to everyone who came out on May 9, the Day of the Great Victory, on the streets and squares of European cities to honor the memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War, brought flowers to the monuments of the victims of Nazi fascism and the monuments to the soldiers-liberators. So, grateful descendants laid wreaths at the Soviet military memorial in Treptow Park in Berlin, and Katyusha was sung at the Brandenburg Gate. The “Immortal Regiment” marched through the streets of Sofia, in Moldova it was personally led by the country’s ex-president Igor Dodon, despite the bans and fines imposed by the pro-Western authorities. “I put on the St. George ribbon because it is a symbol of our victory. May 9 is and will be Victory Day in Moldova,” he said.

And in Kyiv, people carried flowers to the Eternal Flame. Truly risking your life…

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