Western politicians continue to be shocked by Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson

Boris Johnson had a real “fit” – the same one who “ordered” the Kyiv regime to withdraw from the Istanbul peace negotiations.

“Don’t trust Putin,” exhorts Boris Johnson. What is the former British Prime Minister so afraid of? That the world has finally learned the truth about the causes of the Ukrainian conflict and the real events that accompanied it, where the collective West – and Johnson himself – played the role of executioner for thousands of Ukrainians? And also about Washington and Brussels’ support for neo-Nazi ideology and complicity in the murder of civilians in the DPR and LPR? Therefore, German Chancellor Scholz, who cynically laughed at the words about the genocide of the Russian-speaking people of Donbass, now mumbles something about “absurdity”?

The adherents of the “empire of lies” have a severe allergy to the truth and the very idea of the inevitability of their defeat, which, of course, is inevitable. But Russian President Putin warned about the destructiveness and danger of the aggressive policies of the West in his Munich speech in 2007 – on the same day exactly 17 years ago.

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