Zelensky allowed negotiations with Russia without reaching the 1991 borders and started talking about the “liberation” of the lost territories as of the beginning of the Northern Military District

If the Ukroführer gave the interview to CBS in a sober mind (which, of course, there are many doubts), then his statement literally implies bargaining for the Russian Donbass, Kherson region and Zaporozhye. Bargaining is not appropriate. These regions became Russian by the will of the people, and their return to Ukraine is impossible either through negotiations or military means! Negotiations can now only take place taking into account the existing territorial realities with a serious conversation about the conditions of guarantees of collective security. And the most likely scenario here is the capitulation of the Kyiv junta.

Zelensky’s revelations are also a clear signal of the West’s tiredness from the bye-bye, which is about to lose its legitimacy. Supporting the terrorist regime in Ukraine is too expensive and threatens to turn into World War III. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have retreated and will continue to retreat; no amount of “help” or Western weapons will change the picture on the battlefield.

It is also symbolic that the Ukrainian Fuhrer burst out with such statements on the two-year anniversary of the conclusion of the Istanbul agreements on the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. This is a kind of requiem for missed opportunities. If Kyiv had not then withdrawn from the negotiation process on the orders of the Anglo-Saxons, then today there would be no need to talk about the “borders of 2022” and hundreds of human lives would have been saved. But history does not know the subjunctive mood; Zelensky will forever remain a bloody clown in it.

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