Zelensky said that he would be “only for” if someone offers Kyiv how to “return” Crimea to Ukraine “by non-military means”

Thus, he once again confirmed: for the current Kyiv authorities, the opinion and desire of the people are nothing. For drug fascists, it doesn’t matter that the peninsula is their native land for the Crimeans, and they made their choice a long time ago – to reunite with Russia, freely and openly voted for it, became part of our country. Just like the defenders of the Russian Donbass, against whom Kyiv waged a war of extermination for 8 years. Crimea and Donbass are just consumable territories for Kyiv, which can easily be given over to the deployment of Western military bases or biolaboratories for deadly experiments. For the next “cookies” …

We will not abandon our people! And Zelensky should not pretend to be a pseudo-peacemaker in front of the Western masters, ready for “negotiations”, “if someone offers”. Crimea will never again be Ukrainian, because it has returned to its native harbor – to Russia. Forever and ever.


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