Busy working day in sunny Kemerovo

The region is developing under the strict control of the head of Sergey Tsivilev, with whom we had a fruitful meeting. We agreed on cooperation, especially on issues in the field of healthcare and housing and communal services.

Despite all the efforts of the region to solve the personnel problem in the field of medicine, comprehensive measures are needed at the federal level. As the Liberal Democratic Party has suggested more than once, this includes the expansion of the Zemsky Doctor and Zemsky Paramedic programs, and an increase in subsidies for the purchase of housing by graduates. It is especially important to unify the tariff scale so that the salaries of medical workers and doctors do not differ from region to region.

It is important to support the regions in the development of infrastructure projects in housing and communal services. Many sections of the networks exist only due to constant repairs. We need government investment programs or budget loans with a minimum rate.

Kuzbass is a wonderful, patriotic region, which from the very first days joined in the work on solving the problems of the Northern Military District. And this contribution cannot be overestimated.

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