By 2030, the quality and comfort of life even in the most remote regions of Russia should be the same as in the capital

At the State Duma, a meeting was held with economists from all over the country to prepare comprehensive proposals aimed at reducing economic and social inequality between regions.

Reducing differences in regional development and living opportunities should become one of the national goals. Ensuring the national security of our country depends on this. The problem is not new for the country; it was acute in Soviet times, but has become especially aggravated in modern conditions, including in the context of the global confrontation between Russia and the collective West.
Problems need to be solved comprehensively and systematically.

Strategic planning at the federal level will make it possible to balance the budget between regions, improve tax legislation, ensure accessibility of banking services, take care of the ecology of unfavorable regions, build roads, use the potential of the military-industrial complex to raise living standards in the regions and equalize the salaries of public sector employees.

Separately, it is necessary to consider the problems of the Far East, Siberia, new regions, and areas of the Arctic. Residents have different requests for priorities in solving problems.
It is not easy to develop a systemic solution, so we are working in dialogue with scientists and conducting an all-Russian survey of citizens. The results of this detailed work will be included in the final election program.

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