Each volunteer who was awarded the LDPR medal “For assistance to a special military operation” is a person of unprecedented fortitude

Each volunteer who today was awarded the LDPR medal “For Assistance to a Special Military Operation” is a person of unprecedented fortitude, who inscribed himself in golden letters in the heroic history of Buryatia.

Courageous, selfless people, ready to invest all their resources in the fight against Nazism. Just being next to them, you feel an unprecedented rise in patriotism, will, faith in a just cause. “Boomerang of Kindness”, “Force of Kindness”, “Sambo Federation of Buryatia” and many others united shoulder to shoulder today.

Our regional branch, like every citizen of the republic, works for the needs of the front. Deputies and activists provide all possible assistance to several volunteer organizations and social movements. Three party members are now directly on the front line.
I wish them to return with victory!

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