Far Eastern mortgages should be extended to civil aviation industry workers

We continue to work in the Far East. We held a meeting with the management and employees of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yuri Gagarin. The company produces the latest Russian combat aircraft SU-35S, SU-57 and civilian superjets.

Aircraft manufacturing is the sphere of creative and savvy people. However, those who assemble fighter jets can get a Far Eastern mortgage, but workers in civilian workshops cannot. Plant director Alexander Ivanovich Pekarsh supported our initiative to expand the right to obtain a Far Eastern mortgage for workers in the civil aviation industry.

Employees of the most important industry for the technological independence of the country, who are successfully developing Russian civil aviation at Far Eastern enterprises, need to create conditions for a high standard of living. This is especially important for young people. If there is an opportunity to buy housing, young professionals will be more willing to stay in their small homeland.

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