It’s time to stop constantly changing the rules of doing business

Russian small business creates the sustainability of cities and villages: where there is small business, there is life. Regions must create infrastructure to attract entrepreneurs and make starting a business as fast and convenient as possible. We need to fight for the entrepreneur. The more small businesses there are, the stronger the creative economy of Russia.

We met with Orenburg entrepreneurs and discussed the problems that concern them. State support measures are needed for the poultry industry and light industry. Special tax incentives are required to develop socially responsible businesses. We will invite the Orenburg delegation to a large meeting with entrepreneurs, which we plan to hold in early March in Moscow.

We need trusting, effective cooperation between entrepreneurs and the state. Additional reports and new certificates put a strain on budgets, force them to waste time on bureaucracy, and hinder development.
We propose to oblige the state not to change the rules of the game for small businesses more than once a year. We will soon submit the initiative to the State Duma for consideration.

Small entrepreneurship should become a vector of growth for young people. It is precisely the social elevator where young people can express themselves and apply their innovative ideas.

For enterprises with up to 50 employees in small towns, all taxes should be abolished, with the exception of personal income tax. Subject to the transfer of all employees from the gray zone and salaries in an envelope to the white zone.

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