LDPR insists on adopting the law “On Fair Prices”

Stop fooling our citizens. Today in a Barnaul supermarket they were once again convinced of the relevance of the LDPR bill, which obliges stores to indicate on the price tag the cost of 1 kilogram or 1 liter of product.
The people themselves called our initiative the “Fair Price Law.”

Remember how often you bought a carton of milk or a kilogram of sugar. And it seemed to be at the same price, but at home they discovered that it was not a liter, but 900 milliliters, not a kilogram, but 930 grams. And this can continue indefinitely.

Last year, the LDPR introduced such a bill, but it was rejected by the ruling party. The LDPR has gone through this several times. They will reject it, but after some time they will accept it. Even if they pass it off as their own idea, it’s okay, it’s more important that people are not deceived.
We see support for the initiative on social networks and receive many requests from people. We will introduce the draft law as many times as necessary for its adoption.

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