LDPR will continue to fight for military correspondents to be given the status of veterans of military journalism

Millions of people follow the work of war correspondents. It is only thanks to their fearlessness that we know what happens during armed conflicts and learn about the military exploits of our guys on the front line. Today, my colleagues and military officers visited the grave of our friend and partner Boris Maksudov, and talked with his wife Olga. Boris died tragically on the fields of a special military operation, fulfilling his duty as a war correspondent.

Boris’s life is an example for many journalists. He was faithful to duty to the end. He was not afraid to tell the truth, he was not afraid to be where it was very difficult, he taught young people following in his footsteps in the “School of Young Military Correspondent” that we organized.

We are obliged to honor the memory of those who died in the line of duty. These courageous people risk their lives every day at the front. Therefore, the state must provide them with guarantees and payments in cases of injury, injury or death. We also demand that family members of military officers be provided with support and protection.

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