Migrant children should be admitted to school and kindergarten only after an interview to test their knowledge of the Russian language

Today we are working in Omsk. We visited school No. 151, talked with parents and students, and discussed pressing problems.

We understand that socializing the children of migrants living in our country is important for the development of a healthy society. But we cannot allow a situation in which students and pupils of preschool institutions do not know the Russian language. This situation creates tension. We are confident that a child will respect the country in which he lives only when he knows the language and culture of this country.

I am sure that it is necessary to introduce mandatory testing for knowledge of the Russian language for children of migrants upon admission to schools and kindergartens in Russia. If a child does not pass such an interview, he will not be enrolled in an educational institution and will be sent to a specialized adaptation center or an adaptation class at an educational organization to study the Russian language and culture. As their language skills improve and they pass the test, children can be transferred to regular classes and groups.

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