Overtime work must be paid double from the first hour of overtime

Today we are working in Bryansk. We visited the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant, one of the leaders in the railway industry. The employees and management are professionals in their field.

The efficiency of an enterprise depends not only on well-organized work and high-quality equipment, but also on caring for employees. Decent wages, good working conditions, and simply humane treatment of people lead to outstanding results.

Import substitution and the pressure of sanctions require a constant increase in production, which results in overtime work for employees. Now such work is paid at one and a half times the rate for the first two hours and only at double the rate for subsequent hours. Often employers only double the salary and not the entire salary.

We believe that any overtime should be paid at double the rate from the first hour, with bonuses and other payments also doubling. People are forging our common Victory, building technological security. Their work deserves respect and decent pay. In the near future we will prepare a corresponding bill and submit it to the State Duma.

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