Third day of the International Parliamentary Conference “Russia – Latin America”. Work is in full swing almost 24/7.

One of the “core” events was the round table “A Just Multipolar Order: The Role of Parliamentary Diplomacy”, where he co-moderated, together with his colleagues Leonid Kalashnikov and Vyacheslav Nikonov. The “red thread” that ran through the entire three-hour discussion was the clear desire of parliamentarians from Latin American countries to expand cooperation with Russia. Many delegates, by their own admission, overcame great obstacles, pressure and threats from the United States, but came to Moscow in these autumn days to participate in the conference.

Brave and courageous people! They said that Washington could not come to terms with the actual loss of dominance in the region and abandon the concept of a “backyard” in relation to most countries of the South American continent, despite the fact that a few months had passed since the Monroe Doctrine. Latin Americans look forward and advocate equal partnership in interstate relations, without dictate and American interference in their internal affairs.

We see great potential in developing ties with Latin American states. A transformation is already taking place at the global level, US hegemony is becoming a thing of the past, a multipolar world order is the future of the planet, no matter how the collective West struggles in neocolonial convulsions. Russia, the countries of Latin America, Africa, China, India – this is the real global majority.

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