We had a meeting with members of the Bureau of the Renaissance party and deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova Alexander Sukhodolsky and Vasily Boley

Courageous people, they came to Moscow, despite the pressure and threats of official Chisinau.

We discussed the prospects for inter-parliamentary and inter-party cooperation, as well as the possibilities of interaction in the political, cultural, humanitarian and economic planes. “Vozrozhdenie” advocates the restoration of close ties between Moldova and Russia. But at the same time, I would not rush to call this party “pro-Russian”; its representatives express the interests, first of all, of their voters – the Moldovan people.

The regime of President Sandu (a citizen of Romania) has embarked on a very dangerous path of total Russophobia and the transformation of Moldova into a new springboard for opposition to Russia from the collective West. However, such a course is finding less and less support among the Moldovan population, the majority of whom, according to polls, continue to consider our country fraternal and friendly.

Separately, I would like to thank the deputies of the Moldovan parliament from the Revival party for their words of support and condolences in connection with the monstrous terrorist attack in Crocus.

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