Without science we are dead!

Science is the language of development. For many years, Western “consultants” were engaged in depriving our country of the opportunity to speak, systematically liquidating the research base, and transferring scientists from permanent funding to one-time grants. They forced the country’s intellectual elite to beg for money not only for their work, but also for their living.

Young people have ceased to see prospects in the work of a scientist; they often enroll in graduate school for the sake of a “crust.” A generation will pass, and we will be left without a scientific elite, without the development of technology. If we don’t think about developing science now, others will continue to do it for us. But what kind of future awaits us then?

These problems were discussed at a meeting with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences today in Novosibirsk.

The state should motivate young people to go into science. And for this we need clear prospects for the future. First of all, it is necessary to restore respect for the work of scientists and increase the prestige of scientific activity in Russia. The LDPR is already fighting for the return of decent additional payments for an academic degree and title. The bill is currently under consideration by the Government of the Russian Federation.

But the issue is not only about money. There can be no disdain for scientists. We will return prestige and respect to people of science. Being a professor or teacher will be more honorable than any “star” of television and social networks.

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