As part of the “Deputy Slutsky” project, we talked with German public figure Alexander von Bismarck

Yes, thus, whose great-grandfather, the first chancellor of the German Empire, Otto von Bismarck, knew Russia very well, was an ambassador to the Russian imperial court and spoke Russian.

Alexander became one of the initiators of the “share of flowers”, which the inhabitants of Berlin carried to the burned-out Russian tank, which was put up for desecration by Russophobes in front of the Russian embassy. But their idea clearly failed thanks to people like Alexander and his associates. The tank became a real spontaneous memorial, demonstrators began to bring flowers to it and oppose the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

In a conversation with us, Mr. von Bismarck recalled that even his great ancestor spoke in favor of friendship with Russians and the need to maintain good relations with neighbors, “especially with Russia.” We discussed the connection between the unipolar world and attempts to “remake other countries” to please it, naturally touched upon the topic of the Ukrainian conflict.

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