LDPR Chairman Leonid Slutsky awarded participants in the downhill skating competition

Leonid Slutsky attended the Moscow Grand Prix as part of the Open World Cup in downhill skating.

The LDPR chairman noted that the Moscow Grand Prix in downhill skating is an example of the fact that the West’s attempts to isolate Russia have failed. He added that the IOC demonstrates political bias and double standards, and the suspension of Russian athletes is unacceptable.

➡ “Many athletes took part in the competition, including from European countries. There are no unfriendly peoples for our country, we are open to sports cooperation with everyone and firmly stand on the position that sports are outside of politics,” said Leonid Slutsky.

Leonid Slutsky added that while the West is under the spell of rabid Russophobia, new formats of international sports cooperation are being created in Russia. Kazan will host the BRICS Sports Games, and Yakutsk will host the Children of Asia International Sports Games, which will bring together thousands of athletes from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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