LDPR next to people in difficult situations

It’s always great to share joy with someone. But it is much more important to be there when trouble happens. Life circumstances or misconduct are not a reason to “throw” a person to the sidelines of life.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky often visited prisoners, maintained correspondence with them, and after release helped them find their place in life. The LDPR has been helping people establish a normal life for 35 years. We do not stigmatize or judge. We help.

Vladimir Volfovich also visited pre-trial detention center No. 6 in Pechatniki. Today, both employees and defendants were congratulated here.

In the Year of the Family, it is necessary to consider options for returning those who have stumbled to normal life, so that those who have taken the path of correction, are ready to work and responsibly raise their children can qualify for amnesty. The decision, of course, rests with the President of Russia, but we are confident that the comprehensive federal program for the Year of the Family should include such a humane step in relation to many who are currently in prison.

We will raise this issue in the State Duma in the coming days.

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