The State Duma adopted an Address to the US Congress in connection with the crash of a Russian Il-76 plane carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war who were being transported to the exchange site

A military transport aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces was shot down on January 24 over the Belgorod region by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using an American-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. Everyone on board died: 65 captured Ukrainian military personnel, as well as 6 Russian crew members and 3 accompanying persons. The attack on the plane was a deliberate murder and another terrorist attack by the Zelensky regime, since the exchange of prisoners of war was previously agreed upon with the Ukrainian side, as well as the route for their delivery.

The inhumane war crime of the Ukronazis must not be allowed to go unnoticed. Those who carried out and those who gave the orders to destroy the plane must bear responsibility, as well as those who supplied deadly weapons to the Kyiv clique – its direct accomplices.

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an international, independent and fair investigation into the Il-76 crash. We believe that deliberately suppressing the truth about the criminal actions of the Kyiv regime is a path to a dead end.

We call on the American Congress to renounce its support for the terrorist Kyiv regime, condemn its crimes and help bring to justice the organizers and perpetrators of the international terrorist attack.


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