Leonid Slutsky: “Judging by the latest statements of Czech politicians, Prague will not be determined in any way in matters of relations with Moscow”

Leonid Slutskiy: “Judging by the latest statements by Czech politicians, Prague is still uncertain about its relations with Moscow.

On September 2, Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulganek said in his article that it was impossible to completely break off relations with Russia. Like, this is completely shortsighted.

But then suddenly, a few days later, it became known that the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic Jan Hamacek would soon give testimony to the police about his canceled trip to Moscow, which was planned in April. According to Czech media reports, he intended to negotiate the supply of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine and allegedly hush up the scandal surrounding the seven-year-old bombings at military depots in Vrbetica, the very ones in which Prague unprovenly accused Russia of being highly likely.

The question arises: how do the Czech authorities want to maintain contact with Russia, if the ministers who were going to visit Moscow then have to appear for interrogation by the police? Perhaps, in order to unfreeze Russian-Czech relations, Prague should long ago get off the “Russophobic rails” and stop engaging in a uniform “witch hunt”?”

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