Leonid Slutsky: “Statements of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pull for a separate nomination” World Gendarme”

Leonid Slutsky: “The statements of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are drawn to a separate nomination“ World Gendarme ”. Either again, Washington imagines the ghosts of the USSR, then the State Department demands from Kazakhstan a report on the need to involve the collective forces of the CSTO to normalize the situation in the country against the background of the terrorist threat. They say, according to him, the Kazakh leadership should have peacefully and without outside help, or better, perhaps, with bare hands, go out against the armed gangs of militants, whom Blinken stubbornly calls demonstrators.

Why, a year ago, the issues with those who disagree with the results of the US presidential elections were also not peacefully resolved, and those who stormed the Capitol were recognized not as protesters, but as extremists with all the ensuing harsh consequences for them? Why was it impossible to leave in peace and not interfere in the affairs of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria? The answer is double standards and the continuation of the struggle to establish their own hegemony.

But horror stories about “re-Sovietization” will not help to take revenge in attempts to build a unipolar world. Fewer and fewer people believe in the myth of “American exceptionalism” in modern realities, and such statements are increasingly reminiscent of the rhetoric of the Cold War and bloc confrontation.”

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