Leonid Slutsky: “The head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper boasted of merit in allegedly containing mythical“ aggression ”from Russia and China”

The head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, speaking to the US military on the occasion of the year of his tenure, boasted of meritorious containment of mythical “aggression” from Russia and China, calling the Russian Federation and China “similar to rogue countries.” Thus, Mr. Esper tried to replenish the “axis of evil”, on which the United States has consistently strung entire states with regimes undesirable to them, two members of the UN Security Council (!). With regard to world players and major economies, rushing with such definitions is absolutely unacceptable, as in principle, applying them to anyone else.

Esper also called “containment” of Iran “successes” of the USA. Apparently, in Washington, they still consider the operation to liquidate the Iranian General Suleymani in sovereign Iraq to be their triumph. At the beginning of the year, this put the region on the brink of a large-scale military confrontation, and only Tehran’s wisdom and balanced response made it possible to avoid a new “fire” in the Middle East.

Washington is becoming more and more a big elephant in the world “china shop.” American foreign policy of “maintaining a leading role,” as Esper once again expressed himself, actually threatens to turn into a boomerang against the United States itself. The United States, as a rule, is guided by bestial egoism, acting according to the situation: either they shield themselves with a blank shield from partners in the face of common challenges and threats, such as COVID-19, or impose their economic interests on them with the help of the sanction whip. But now in Europe there is a gradual insight and sobering up, judging by the situation around Nord Stream-2. And these are far from the first swallows. At this pace, the United States runs the risk of being on the axis of “dreamy self-isolation.”

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