Leonid Slutsky: “Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev no longer believes the promises of Western countries.”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview with the British newspaper The Independent that Kiev no longer believes the promises of Western countries. Allegedly, such a “bitter” lesson was learned by the Ukrainian authorities, and they themselves now have to create a “flexible military state” following the example of Israel.

But the lesson, in fact, was never learned. It is clear that sooner or later Kiev should have seen the light of what real “value” Ukraine is for the West. Even cookies on the Maidan are not free. Ukraine was openly used as a springboard in the anti-Russia project, and in a geopolitical sense – as a pawn in Washington’s game.

But the conclusions are wrong again. Not a military state following the example of Israel, but a return to good-neighborly relations with Russia and Belarus – a guarantee of a peaceful future for our common Slavic home. Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians are fraternal peoples with a common history and culture, who have no other way but to be together.

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